New Transval Sipoo warehouse delivers efficient and sustainable supply chain services

Transval is building a new modern warehousing facility in Sipoo. This project is the latest significant investment in logistics in Finland. The contruction works of the 30,000 m2/400,000 m3 warehouse in Bastukärr, Sipoo, has started in February. Larger than four soccer fields, the warehouse will be completed in 2022. The total cost of purchasing the plot and constructing the warehouse is approximately EUR 37 million.

The warehouse will be a low emission warehouse: geothermal solutions will be used for heating and solar power for electricity. All energy which is not produced on-site will be purchased as carbon-free energy. Transval is committed to Zero Carbon 2030 climate goal as a part of Posti Group.

Warehouse to utilize cutting-edge technology and automation

In addition to fixed storage shelving, the warehouse will include electronically controlled mobile shelf systems. The mobile shelves will double the storage capacity of a similar-size areas compared to fixed shelving. A third of the nearly 60 electric forklift trucks planned for the space will be unmanned, i.e. automatic. The forklift trucks will be controlled by means of laser navigation.

The articulated vehicles arriving at the warehouse will be directed using a digital control system, which automatically identifies the vehicles and directs them to a pre-planned unloading/loading dock. All in all, the warehouse will have 28 loading docks for articulated vehicles and 10 loading docks for vans.

Basic information:

  • The area of the warehouse is 30,000 m2 (400,000 m3).
  • Out of which 8000 m2 is temperature controlled (+16 – +19 C)
  • The warehouse is 220 m wide and 121 m long, with a free height of 12 m.
  • The warehouse includes approximately 70,000 pallet positions.
  • There will be 28 loading docks for articulated vehicles and 10 loading docks for vans on the yard.
  • Will employ approximately 70–100 logistics professionals.

Sipoo warehouse offers certified serivices. We have been granted quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. 

Transval has approximately 350,000 m2 of dedicated warehouse space in Finland.

Planning for the future?

If you wish to know more about logistics outsourcing options, please contact sales director Janne Kylmäoja, tel. 040 507 4743