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POWERshelving increases average sales and efficiency per square meter

Nowadays, the challenges of store operations are largely related to achieving logistical efficiency and creating a better customer experience in a cost-effective way. We make sure that the store customer is satisfied, in other words, that the customer finds the desired product easily and the cashier services run smoothly and efficiently. We help our clients to optimize their daily activities and increase their sales.

Humanlink is known for its POWERshelving and POWERcashier concepts. Volume pricing in shelving and cashier services determines customers’ costs according to the volume of purchases. Our flexible service is based on the management of varying sales volumes. We aim for higher sales per square meter, increased average sales and improved loss management.

The effectiveness of POWERshelving as a sales promoter is clearly visible. Full and accessible store shelves can increase the sales of your brand, concept and campaign products by up to 20%. Our POWERcashier concept helps you achieve a faster customer flow. With cashier services, pricing is based on customer volume.

The quick availability and optimization of POWERtrained shelving and cashier staff ensure greater flexibility to the store in terms of seasonal fluctuations. At the same time, the sales staff can focus more on customer service as well as campaign and presentation planning.

Humanlink, founded in 2003, is a leading outsourcing service company operating in the commercial sector in Finland and the Baltic countries. In July 2017, Transval Group became the majority shareholder of the Humanlink Corporation. Humanlink is an expert in shelving and cashier services and is specialized in improving internal logistics and staffing optimization. In addition to Finland, Humanlink also operates in Estonia and Latvia.

Contact us. We would be happy to discuss how to make the internal logistics of your business more efficient with new store services.

Samuli Iivonen
Business Director
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