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Operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction through store logistics

The challenges of retail operations are nowadays connected to the ease of logistics and achieving better customer experience rates cost-effectively. We make sure that the end customer is satisfied, as they can find the products they want easily and safely. We help our customers boost their daily operations and increase sales.

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With our help, the efficiency and savings for retail operations increase through shelving, online store picking and supporting store tasks.  Our range of services also includes temporary staffing for varying needs such as peak seasons and inventories in the commercial sector. We provide flexibility to resourcing and know-how for demand fluctuations and predict sales flows and resourcing needs based on the data we collect.

Our volume-based and flexible shelving and picking services boost sales growth

Volume-based pricing in shelving services allocates the costs of the company’s customers according to the volumes processed. Our flexible service is based on the management of fluctuations in sales volumes. The result is improved efficiency per square meter, increased average purchase, easier personnel optimization and more efficient stock shrinkage management.

The efficiency of our shelving services as a sales booster is clear. The sales of brand, concept and campaign products can be increased by up to 20% when the shelves are full and the products neatly faced. The quick availability of personnel trained in shelving and the efficient optimization of personnel also provide the store with more flexibility in seasonal fluctuations. At the same time, the store’s own personnel can focus more on customer service and campaign and presentation planning. Neatly shelved products also make online store picking more efficient. Transval’s pickers take care of the picking and packaging of groceries for online store customers.

“When the online store picking and deliveries are handled by specialists in the field, I don’t need to use my own management energy to think about how to deal with work shift lists and various substitute and holiday arrangements, for example. This arrangement also allows the department manager to focus on the tasks that improve the shop customers’ service experience and increase the average purchase and our margin. These tasks include the search for new products, decisions related to the management of the product range and various campaigns,” says our one of our retailer customers.

Who is the store logistics service designed for?

Our service is used by retail chains, retailers and, for example, the food industry.  There are many different tasks in a store, and it is important that we specialize in work that improves the service and efficiency of the store.  We will put together a suitable service package according to the store’s business and environment, from small brick-and-mortar stores to hypermarkets. Contact us and we will design a service package that suits you!

“The cooperation has been of a very high quality. We’ve had a common desire to see things through to the end. The employees have been reliable and competent,” says one of our retailer customers.

Store tasks are also diverse and varied for the employee.

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