Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

Real professionals for various internal logistics positions

The continuous development of internal logistics requires expertise. Meanwhile, changing business volumes require flexible resourcing and the ability to act quickly when the demand for staff changes.

Transval is the market leader in human resource services in the internal logistics sector. We offer our customers versatile, high-quality HR services and the best professionals in the industry – flexibly. We have over 20 years of experience in recruiting personnel for the industry, so we understand clients’ needs and we are familiar with the industry’s key job descriptions and the matching applicant profiles.

Our versatile experts work in various tasks at client companies, covering the different areas of in-house logistics and production processes. We invest in the continuous development of our employees’ skills and offer them versatile development paths through various internal logistics positions.

When planned correctly, the use of temp services of personnel pools saves costs and provides the required flexibility, whether you need help to cover for holidays or peak periods, or whether you have more long-term needs. Collaboration with us ensures ease of resource allocation and the right operators.

Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to discuss ways to help your company manage human resources based on changing volumes.

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