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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Logistics represent a third of a company’s competitive advantage

Internal logistics influence the success of a company in a major way. Efficient, high-quality processes are never created by accident – they are the result of carefully weighed strategic and operational decisions. These decisions are made based on measured and verified information. It is important to understand how globalization, digitalisation, traceability, and transparency affect your industry and the demands they place on companies’ material flows. Information management and the use of gathered data in the development of operations are at the heart of today’s logistics.

Transval has operated in the various operating environments of in-house logistics for over 20 years. Over the years, our customers have faced countless challenges and demanding changes, and Transval has helped them conquer these challenges. The experience we have gained from these projects has helped us create unique intellectual capital and insight into the Finnish and Nordic markets. Using what we have learned we’ve created our own tried and tested Transval tools and methods, tailored to meet the demands set by our industry.

In our development work we utilize the Lean methods in a variety of ways and systematically invest in e.g. training Lean Six Sigma Green / Black Belt experts.

We help our customers when they want to improve or develop the competitiveness of their company’s internal logistics, either overall or in a particular area. Examples of situations where we provide consulting services: Warehouse, terminal and industrial layout design, warehouse furnishing plans, material flow analysis, mapping and developing of value streams, time studies and work studies, equipment optimization, packaging development and the development of measuring methods.

Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to tell you more about ways to develop the various internal logistics areas in order to help your company succeed in today’s competitive environment.


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