Increase competitiveness by warehouse outsourcing

Outsourced warehousing services are an efficient way to boost competitiveness. Transval offers more than 350,000 m2 of warehouse space for businesses looking to reduce their costs while increasing the opportunities for their core operations. We provide tools for optimizing facilities and improving the efficiency of operations. We can help transform logistics-related personnel, facility and development costs from fixed costs into variable costs.

Transval ensures that companies have access to the latest warehousing and process technologies that boost operations. In addition, our state-of-the-art online tools enable companies to increase their available product selection virtually without impacting the balance sheet. All this increases sales and enables quick reactions to volume fluctuations and peak seasons.

We have plenty of space and there is always a place for everything

We offer professional warehousing services, consignment stock, management of returns and terminal management with flexible additional services: when you need sector-specific expertise related to textiles, for example, we will cooperate with you to plan a functional and cost-effective solution. Effective management of the preparatory steps improves your company’s customer satisfaction and the quality of work related to the receipt of goods in shops, for example.

All of our warehousing services in Finland are carbon neutral services for our customers – with no additional fees. Our warehouses are environmentally friendly and the use of a digital warehousing system makes them paper-free. Energy efficiency is reflected in all aspects of our operations, from lighting to movable shelves that increase spatial efficiency, as well as in advanced automation solutions such as packaging robots.

You can outsource your warehouse to Transval permanently or seasonally. Enhancing warehousing increases competitiveness by 10–30%; we manage your logistics efficiently and flexibly, whether you need warehouse space or warehousing professionals.

Additional warehousing services

Our additional services consist of various finishing services performed on merchandise in conjunction with warehousing. Additional services speed up the introduction of products for sale while reducing investments in areas that are not part of the company’s core business. The services are scaled according to your needs and our professional personnel accelerate processes and lower your total costs.

Repackaging ensures that a product has an attractive appearance that has a positive influence in the customer’s purchase decision and increases sales. Product labeling and packaging products in sales batches, for example, make it easier to present products in shops.

Pre-assembly of shop racks speeds up the process of product presentation through pre-assembled and pre-filled sales racks and frees the personnel for customer service tasks and other core activities. We can also restock the sales racks at the shop as agreed; learn more on our retail services site.

Textile services make it easier to sell clothing and textiles when the products displayed in the shops are wrinkle-free and attractive. Our textile services provide the finishing touches to prepare your products for selling. These services can include, for example, ironing, attaching price tags and security tags as well as sewing on buttons that have come loose.

Pre-installation services make it faster for the end customers to start using the devices they purchase. For example, devices can be pre-assembled or the required software can be pre-installed on them. This reduces the company’s customer service workload and makes life easier for the end customer.

Quality control services reduce the number of customer claims and ensure a quick response to quality problems. Our quality control services include, for example, product inspections and test runs to ensure that customers get what they expect.

With the warehousing of dangerous goods, we can handle the statutory requirements related to chemicals on behalf of your company. We also provide ready-made and reliable solutions for the warehousing of hazardous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals include, for example, certain detergents, cosmetics, batteries and gases.

Our additional services also include eCommerce deliveries and returns. We deliver orders to consumers in the way they want, both in Finland and abroad. Customers can choose whether they want to receive the products at home or collect them from a Posti Parcel Locker, a Posti outlet or an online store’s shop.

Contact us. We are happy to discuss with you in more detail how we could improve the efficiency of your company’s operations through advanced warehousing services.

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