Store logistics to boost productivity in the retail sector

We take care of the management of material flows for you

We meet the daily challenges of your stores. Our comprehensive logistics services ensure that your day-to-day business runs smoothly and your customers are satisfied. We help you to streamline daily operations and increase sales by ensuring timely shelf availability.

Volume-based and flexible services to boost sales

-    Our flexible shelving and picking services are based on managing sales volume fluctuations. The result is improved efficiency, increased average purchase, easier staff optimization and more effective loss management. Neatly shelved products also improve the efficiency of your e-commerce collection.
-    Rapid staff availability and efficient optimization bring more flexibility in dealing with seasonal fluctuations. At the same time, your own staff can focus more on customer service and campaign and display planning. When it comes to stocking, we can flexibly provide additional resources for changing needs such as seasonal and inventory requirements.
-    Storing products in store and in busy warehouses can be cramped and material can get in the way of everyday life. It is therefore worthwhile to keep products in an off-site warehouse, from where the material is delivered to the right shelf location in the store in a timely manner. Take a look at our versatile warehousing services!

We are your logistics partner in the day-to-day running of your store, so you can focus on the business management

We streamline your operations and take care of all logistics planning and coordination, and take the products from the load to the shelves.

”When the collection and transport of your online shop orders are handled by experts in the field, I don't have to spend my own management energy thinking about how to manage things like shift lists, substitutions and holiday arrangements. It also allows the department manager to focus on tasks that will improve the customer experience, increase our average purchase and our margin. These tasks include searching for new products, making decisions on assortment management and running promotions," says our retail customer.

Logistics expertise since 1994 

Did you know this about Transval? We are the market leader and pioneer in outsourcing logistics in Finland and the largest in-house logistics company in the Nordic countries. We are the logistics partner of more than 600 leading and large companies operating in Finland.

Our services cover supply chain solutions from transportation to storage, as well as in-house logistics solutions for customers, comprehensive construction logistics services and staffing services from logistics professionals. In addition, we serve nearly 800 stores with a product shelving service throughout Finland.

Decades of in-house logistics expertise now available to the retail industry - so join us in making store logistics a productivity success story!

"We have built a productivity leap with our in-store logistics expertise and have reaped the benefits of optimizing material flows, streamlining material logistics and continuously improving operations. We are now offering this expertise in store logistics, as we believe that efficient store logistics improves productivity and leads to cost savings in the retail sector. Let's take the productivity leap in retail together", encourages Samuli Iivonen, Head of Retail Logistics at Transval.

Do you want flexibility and efficiency in your day-to-day business with a strong partner in store logistics? Contact us and we will design a service package that suits you!

Samuli Iivonen, Retail Logistics  tel. 040 157 9879