Hundreds of thousands of tyres a year pass through Euromaster's central warehouse - Transval modernizes inland logistics

The tyre business chain Suomen Euromaster Oy moved its central warehouse from Turku to Pori and at the same time chose Transval as its new in-house logistics partner. The warehouse logistics solution is now in place, the warehouse will be filled in May and will be running at full capacity in July.


Hundreds of thousands of tyres pass through Euromaster's central warehouse every year. "Tyres from all over Europe and the world come here. We deliver tyres to around 90 locations based on orders, of which more than 60 are our own service points and the rest are partner companies. All tyres arrive the day after the order is placed," says Toni Lindfors, Euromaster's Finance and Administration Director.

The tyre business has clear seasons, which are also reflected in stocking. "We stock tyres in advance of the actual tyre changing season. Summer tyres usually arrive at the central warehouse between January and March and winter tyres between June and September. The performance-based contract with Transval is flexible according to the seasons and the demand for tyres," says Lindfors.

Complete turnkey warehouse logistics

Euromaster selected Transval as its partner at the beginning of the year through a competitive tender process.

"Transval's solid knowledge of logistics convinced us from the very beginning. The tender had been thoroughly studied and the processes carefully thought out. The price-quality ratio was also right. The practical planning and implementation work, which started in February, has also progressed efficiently," says Toni Lindfors.

Transval modernized Euromaster's in-house logistics processes on a turnkey basis. "We have rebuilt the entire warehouse logistics for the customer. Space utilizationwas optimized based on a layout plan. All the necessary machinery and warehouse equipment has already been purchased and the integration of the warehouse management system is underway. We were able to start receiving goods at the beginning of May," says Harri Petjala, responsible for terminal and warehouse services at Transval Sisälogistik.

Transval is responsible for all warehouse operations

Euromaster has about 7 000 square meters of new warehouse space in Pori, with the capacity to be increased if necessary. Transval's staff are responsible for all warehouse operations, from receiving to invoicing. Reliable dispatch services ensure that tyres are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Depending on the season, Euromaster's warehouse is staffed by 6-15 Transval employees who have received comprehensive training in warehouse deployment. Katja Iisakkala, who has only recently joined Transval and is now a foreman at Euromaster's warehouse, has previous experience in international logistics. We have familiarised ourselves with the latest facilities, equipment, furniture and security issues and tested the warehouse management system. It has been great to see that the people from Transval are professionals with strong logistics expertise. Our team has a thorough understanding of the client's business and we tailor our service to meet their needs.

The use of the 7,000 square meters of space has been optimized on the basis of a layout plan, all the necessary machinery and warehouse equipment has already been purchased and installed, and the warehouse management system has been integrated. Katja Iisakkala from Transval is the warehouse foreman.

Toni Lindfors of Euromaster says that new services are being planned for the warehouse, the details of which will be considered in the next phase of the contract.

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