Career Stories

The right attitude and ambition will always take you far

We want to offer all our employees a chance to fulfil their own potential. Learn more about two Transval employees and their development paths!

Fast learning took Minna to a new direction

Minna Nieminen, recruiting coordinator

Minna’s career at Transval began in 2013, in Vindea’s packaging service office. In summer 2014, Transval acquired Vindea’s share capital, and in October 2014 Minna became a Transval employee while still working in the same job. At the time, Minna’s job consisted of writing up packing lists, invoicing, printing out dispatch notes etc.

At the end of 2015, Minna was transferred to the Transval main office in Jussla and began working as a recruitment assistant. She spent a year getting acquainted with recruiting practices, and quickly found her place in the fast-paced recruitment team – and by the end of 2016, Minna became a recruiting coordinator. Today, her work includes all recruitment-related tasks from the creation of job advertisements to interviews and the management of employment contracts. In addition to recruitment, she also does a wide variety of office and customer service work, so her days are quite varied.

“It has felt great to learn new things; especially recruiting is a new area for me. And since I have worked in different units and positions within the Group, I have learned to know both the people and the business from several perspectives. I’ve started to feel at home here quite quickly.”

According to Minna, the most rewarding part about recruiting is when she finds the perfect employee for a unit and receives positive feedback from the supervisors.

“The best things about working at Transval are definitely the awesome colleagues and the chance to broaden my horizons.”

Studying alongside work can take you far, says Jyrki

Jyrki Palokoski, Operational Manager

Jyrki has a long history with Transval. 21 years, to be exact! He started working at Transval in 1996, as a terminal employee. He soon became a supervisor and eventually an operative manager.

Jyrki has made an active effort to keep developing his skills during his career. He completed a technical specialist degree in 2008, trained by Transval. He has also completed several card trainings, for instance the fire work licence. Jyrki enjoys working with people and has also taken the role of a trainer himself, in Transval’s internal trainings. He has run e.g. load securing and forklift operating trainings for Transval employees who want to expand their skillset.

In 2015, Jyrki took a new step in his career by accepting a position as the operative manager of the human resources department.  His job as the operative manager includes insurance matters, claims, customer management and the day-to-day management of employees.

Jyrki hasn’t lost his desire to learn: he is currently involved in a six-month long LEAN Six Sigma training through Transval Academy. The purpose of the training is to provide new tools for more efficient working. LEAN is one of the most well-known methods for improving the efficiency of a logistic process. Transval is the frontrunner in Finland when it comes to applying the LEAN method to internal logistics.

“I have enjoyed working at Transval, as you can tell by my 21 year long career here. Over the years, there have always been opportunities for learning. The most rewarding part of my job is versatility and the fact that each day is different. It is also important to me that I enjoy the company of my colleagues at Transval. I also like it that we get some freedom to decide how we want to do things. We get the work done, and that’s what’s important.”