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Top-notch internal logistics expertise

Transval is Finland’s largest operator in internal logistics. We have extensive experience in improving efficiency and providing different outsourcing solutions in logistics and industrial applications.

We create significant added value in our customers’ internal logistics processes – thanks to transaction-based pricing and the unique Transval model. We are able to transform most of our customers’ fixed internal logistics costs into variable costs. We also offer more operational flexibility, better quality and significant cost savings. As the biggest internal logistics provider in Finland and the Nordic countries, we are always looking to improve our skills and expertise.

Our client base consists of small and large operators in trade, industry and logistics. We provide versatile services, increasing the efficiency of their warehouse and terminal operations and material flows. In addition, we offer flexible human resource services as well as consulting services that focus on the continuous improvement of internal logistics processes.

We value honesty and reliability. In addition to rectitude and the continuous development of operations, we value mutual respect, collaboration and innovativeness. The implementation of these values is apparent in our daily work. We see every moment as an opportunity to do things slightly better – because in logistics, every second counts.

“Successful collaboration is based on trust and true partnership. Everything is based on a common goal that we share with the customer – improving the efficiency of their internal logistics. Over the years we have found that a functional partnership always offers the best foundation for the continuous improvement of processes. We make all our skills and expertise available to our partners. The customer is always our number one priority.

­– Risto Vilo, Customerships, Transval –


The Transval model maximises internal logistics efficiency

Our services support the core operations and production processes of our clients. By partially or completely outsourcing internal logistics to Transval the customer can ensure that their internal logistics processes are in skilled hands and that they are developed continuously.

Transval is Finland’s largest operator in internal logistics. With more than 20 years’ experience, Transval can identify each company’s logistical problem areas and implement solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Our flexible, client-based operating model provides the capability to maximize the efficiency of in-house logistics in every situation.

Our customers can flexibly outsource their internal logistics processes to Transval as needed, from selectively outsourcing one function to outsourcing the entire internal logistics process. Trust plays a major role in the outsourcing of operations. Transval has always based its operations on its clients’ best interests, continuous development of operations and expertise, as well as rectitude.

Transval performs most of the work in the customer’s facilities, takes responsibility for developing and running the internal logistics processes, coordinates the personnel and machinery as needed, organizes and supervises the work, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the work.

Feel free to contact us! We are happy to tell you more about how a partnership with us can bring the efficiency of your company’s logistics to a whole new level.

Janne Kylmäoja
Sales Director
tel. +358 40 507 4743

Obvious and measurable partnership advantages

  • Transaction-based pricing
  • Fixed costs become variable costs
    Flexible human resourcing that adjusts to volume changes
  • Access to the top professionals in the industry
  • Continuous development of processes
  • Higher work satisfaction and more training opportunities for the logistics personnel
  • Optimized working methods that increase efficiency
    Costs allocated on the basis of products or operations
  • Capital tied to equipment is released
  • Volume benefits in the acquisition of packaging and equipment
  • As a result, total costs are reduced by 10–30%

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