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Integrated development keeps you one step ahead

The world of internal logistics is constantly changing. The changing operating environment challenges logistic operations every minute of the day, which is why continuous development is the only way to remain competitive or to get one step ahead of your competition. Transval’s customers benefit from Transval’s development activities as a dynamic part of their daily logistics process. Improving flow efficiency and reducing waste are the key goals.

Transval’s development organization consists of more than 15 experienced internal logistics development professionals. Our development activities are guided by client requirements and the goals that are defined with the client, mutually and regularly. Additionally, Transval continuously and independently analyzes the processes for which it is responsible, searching for potential areas of development. We follow the trends and development of our industry and bring our customers new ideas, technologies and methods that can be used to optimize flow and resource efficiency.

We have a wide variety of development tools and methods that can be used to support information-based leadership in different situations. We are a forerunner in Finland when it comes to applying Lean Six Sigma methods to internal logistics. 10 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified and 58 Green Belt certified experts work at Transval. We stream and standardize the operations for which we are responsible by utilizing Lean operating models. Standardized processes and working methods can be resourced in a rational manner. When work is standardized, it’s easier to develop the employees’ versatility. Efficiency is also improved through work studies and by using the 5S method to harmonize the work environment.

Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to discuss ways of optimizing your company’s material flows with through our Lean Six Sigma based development work.

Vesa Rinne
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