The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has issued a final decision on Posti’s Transval acquisition


Posti Group Corporation continues its growth in logistics according to its strategy. The company has signed an agreement on September 28, 2018 with MB Rahastot and the other Transval Group Oy’s shareholders on Posti acquiring the entire share capital of Transval, a company that specializes in in-house logistics. Today on January 17, 2019, the Finnish [...]

Posti to acquire the in-house logistics company Suomen Transval Group Oy


− for customers, the acquisition will offer the most comprehensive logistics outsourcing solutions on the market Posti Group Corporation continues its growth in logistics according to its strategy by acquiring Suomen Transval Group Oy, a company that specializes in in-house logistics. As a result of this acquisition, Posti will become a significant operator in logistics [...]

Transval selected as a partner for lay-out development at Abloy Joensuu factory


Transval and Abloy have made an agreement of project consulting. Transval brings know-how of material flows, internal logistics and warehousing to support production layout development.   Development project with Abloy will last until the end of 2017.   ABLOY protects people, property, and business operations on land, at sea, and in the air – in [...]

Viessman Outsources Packaging Operations to Transval


Viessmann Refrigeration Systems Oy and Transval Teollisuuspalvelut Vindea Oy have signed an agreement on the outsourcing of packaging operations. In conjunction with the renewal and reorganization of the packaging operations at Viessmann's Porvoo plant, seven employees of Viessmann Refrigeration Systems Oy will be transferred to Transval as old employees as of 16 March 2017. The [...]

Transval Revolutionizes Load Securing Through New Technologies


As the first company in the world, Transval is involved in the deployment of a technology that utilizes a learning artificial intelligence in the validation of loading and cargo securing practices. The learning artificial intelligence will further increase cargo safety during transport and improve the chances of the cargo getting to its destination unharmed. First [...]

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