Transval is prepared for the spread of the coronavirus


Transval is prepared for different kinds of exceptional circumstances and has raised its current level of preparedness because of the coronavirus. Transval acts according to the instructions provided by Finnish government officials (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) and protects the health of its personnel and [...]

Sakari Kiiskinen appointed as SVP of Transval


Sakari Kiiskinen, 46, has been appointed as SVP of Transval and a member of Posti Group’s Leadership Team as of September 1, 2020. Kiiskinen has worked as the interim Head of the Transval business group since May 1, 2020. He has held various management positions at Transval for more than 10 years and served [...]

Algol Chemicals transfers the warehousing of its chemical products to Transval


Algol Chemicals Oy, a leading distributor of industrial chemicals, is transferring the warehousing of its chemicals to Transval from the beginning of 2022. Transval has taken care of the processing of Algol Chemicals’ chemical products in Algol Chemicals’ warehouse in Karamalmi, Espoo, Finland since 2014. The companies will not publish the price of the cooperation [...]

Sandvik outsourced the in-house logistics of its Turku facility to Transval – material flow optimization, development of logistics processes and improved efficiency as key criteria


Sandvik Load and Haul Division, a Turku-based global loading and hauling equipment manufacturer that serves the mining industry, concluded an agreement with Transval concerning the facility’s in-house logistics. In the business transfer, about 30 people from Sandvik will now be employed by Transval as part of the agreement. Some of the logistics equipment will also [...]

We enhanced our sales team – let’s get in touch!


From the beginning of May, we updated our sales and customer care teams, so we can serve our current and future customers more clearly and in a more solution-oriented way. Janne Kylmäoja will continue to lead the new team. Risto Vilo focuses on enabling Transval's strategic growth (especially growth through acquisitions). We hope to see [...]

Sakari Kiiskinen to lead Transval from May 1, 2020


Long-time Transval employee Sakari Kiiskinen, 46, has been appointed the interim Director of Transval Group and a member of Posti Group’s executive team. Having filled several management roles at Transval for more than 10 years, Kiiskinen has been Transval’s Deputy Managing Director since 2017. Posti acquired Transval in January 2019. Since then, Kiiskinen has been [...]

Transval takes swift, responsible action in response to the situation facing its customer companies – planning to implement work flexibly according to customer needs


The global coronavirus pandemic is very likely to affect the business environment and material volumes of Transval’s customer companies. At Transval, we are preparing for potential future changes in your company’s needs. The coronavirus epidemic may require changes in volumes or personnel needs. We are now preparing for this and conducting negotiations with our [...]

Together we will cope – take care of yourself and those close to you


We are facing a situation where your safety and the safety of those close to you certainly is a matter of concern. Human beings and health always take precedence, and it is important to take responsibility for others, too. We are living in turbulent times, and we must adapt our operations to the ongoing crisis. [...]

Transval, nationwide forerunner in shelving services, strengthens its offering in retail stores by acquiring KV Turva


Transval, a pioneer in in-house and contract logistics, strengthens its nationwide services in retail stores by acquiring KV Turva, a specialist in retail wastage management. This acquisition expands further Transval’s services across the country. Totally Transval has almost 5,000 experts in outsourced logistics. Transval and the owners of KV Turva concluded an agreement on 5 [...]

Transval Hosts the INPRO 2019 Conference on 5.-7.6.2019 in Finland


Established in the 1960s, INPRO is a global network of companies specializing in export and industrial packaging. Most of INPRO's members are family businesses with long traditions in the packaging sector. The 25 member companies currently have globally a total of 1000 packaging wrappers and over 600,000 square meters of packaging [...]

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