Our latest, newly published sustainability report: Occupational safety developed despite the corona epidemic


Our parent company Posti has published our annual sustainability report. The Sustainability Report describes how Posti has promoted its goals in the areas of economic, social and environmental sustainability during the reporting year. Sustainability is more and more at the core of the business. As in previous years, the frame of reference for the report [...]

Transval, nationwide forerunner in shelving services, strengthens its offering in retail stores by acquiring KV Turva


Transval, a pioneer in in-house and contract logistics, strengthens its nationwide services in retail stores by acquiring KV Turva, a specialist in retail wastage management. This acquisition expands further Transval’s services across the country. Totally Transval has almost 5,000 experts in outsourced logistics. Transval and the owners of KV Turva concluded an agreement on 5 [...]

Mathematical statistics as part of day-to-day management bring flexibility to logistics


Transval, the market leader in Finnish third-party logistics, is continuously probing the future. All its employees are trained in Lean Six Sigma methodologies with the aim of minimising all unnecessary phases in its customers’ logistics processes. The slogan of Transval’s 4,300 employees is continuous improvement. To this end, the company has harnessed the Lean [...]


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The training session of the basic course number 81 in the packaging industry is once again successfully over. At the course in question me myself have already attended over 40 lectures. When finished I went through old material and noted how much the diction and content has changed through the years. Nowadays the overhead [...]

The Cornerstone of Development


Even every layman can knowledgeably state at the appropriate time, that every house commands a solid base. The foundation of the house is relatively easy to picture, even though you haven't been involved in the building process. One needs stable ground, suitable groundwork, a good plan, materials and a professional builder. As the result you'll [...]

The Future is Built Together


Digitalization and technological advances are significantly changing the structures of our society. The potential they offer should be fully exploited. If we wish to succeed in the tough global competition, we need to be innovative and have the courage to let go of the old and familiar. The fact of the matter is that Finns [...]

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