Exide Technologies operates in more than 80 countries and is one of the largest manufacturers and recyclers of lead-acid batteries in the world.

Exide Transportation produces original and aftermarket spare parts for cars and vans, heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery and watercraft as well as new technologies for hybrid vehicles. GNB Industrial Power provides applications for networks such as telecommunication networks, electrical equipment, railways, solar systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), as well as for transportation applications such as forklift trucks, mining vehicles and other work machinery.

When new employees are needed, Exide utilizes the logistics expertise of Transval Henkilöstöpalvelut. The skill and ability requirements are strict and include, for instance, the ability to use the WMS system, language skills and, of course, experience working in warehouses. In addition to being heavy, the products are also valuable and contain dangerous substances. The basic idea behind the model is that Transval identifies suitable people and suggests them to Exide, who then makes the final choice. The selected person is hired either directly by Exide or first by Transval and then by Exide after an agreed time period.

“When manufacturing and delivering our products, we aim to exceed expectations rather than to meet them. Error and delay free logistics are a key part of our services, so we want to recruit the right professionals, and that’s why we use Transval as our recruiting channel. We are happy with both the partnership and the employees that have been provided for us.”  –Ilmo Hakkarainen, Country Manager / Exide Technologies Oy