Algol Chemicals Oy is a part of the Finnish Algol Group that has long traditions in its sector. In addition to Finland, the group operates in the Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Scandinavia. Today, the international multi-sector company Algol is still a Finnish family company.

Algol Chemicals is a leading operator in its field and it offers a wide range of industrial and special chemicals, as well as raw materials, for industrial production processes. Products are sourced globally and clients are served locally. The company’s vast selection contains industrial chemicals from over a hundred different manufacturers and the company makes approximately 40,000 product deliveries every year.

Supply chain management has an important role in technical trade. Algol Chemicals offers scheduled deliveries directly to the client’s production facilities while ensuring that the delivered products are safe to handle, transport and use. Products are delivered flexibly from local warehouses as needs arise.

The ability to respond to challenging changes in volume and the transparent and predictable cost structure without compromising safety were the starting points when collaboration with Transval was in the beginning stages.

“The operating model agreed upon with Transval has excellently served our needs to develop our warehouse operations. With Transval, we have also improved our ability to react to changes in volume while our warehouses have been utilized more efficiently. High-quality operations are sealed with close and trustful collaboration, in which we have succeeded very well.”

– Anssi Kiviniemi, Logistics Manager, Algol Chemicals Oy