Transval has been responsible for Alfa Laval Vantaa Oy’s seaworthy packaging for more than two years. The arrangement was created because Alfa Laval’s Vantaa unit wanted to free some space for manufacturing use and to focus on their core operations.

In this model, Transval picks up the ready-to-ship heat exchangers from Alfa Laval’s facility and adds the necessary installation parts and documents into the package. Transval packages the products in packaging that meets the customer’s requirements and orders the necessary further transportation. Continuous, real-time communication with Alfa Laval guarantees that they have up-to-date information regarding the packaging and delivery status of their products. In short, Alfa Laval makes its high-quality products, after which Transval ensures that they are handled correctly all the way to the customer’s trucks.

The large size of the devices makes them challenging to handle. Typically, they are 12 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall. Handling and packaging such items really shows off what Transval does best.

The pricing is unit-based, so Alfa Laval always knows the packaging costs for their products.

“Transval has shown that they have the flexibility needed in our collaboration. We can rely on them to keep their word in every situation.”

– Mika Moilanen, Procurement Manager, Alfa Laval Vantaa Oy

Alfa Laval Vantaa makes a wide variety of different vaporizers, condensers and liquid coolers for an extensive range of applications. More than half of the production is exported. Their products are used in demanding applications, such as industrial processes, power plants, the meat and fish processing industry, other food factories, breweries, dairies, ships, office spaces and commercial buildings, research centres, ice rinks etc. Alfa Laval also offers tailor-made products for special commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. Their entire business chain, from manufacturing and design to deliveries, is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Located near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, their Vantaa facility is Alfa Laval’s centre of expertise in Finland when it comes to industrial cooling and commercial refrigeration. The facility also includes a research laboratory.