It feels good to get back to normal everyday life. Our IT partner’s unpleasant IT disruption directly and indirectly affected several companies in Finland and worldwide. Now, the services of almost all of our customers operate normally in our warehouses. For those companies whose data transfers are delayed, etc., we will closely work with the customer to get the services to a normal level.

Especially in exceptional situations, you can see which things need to be improved. We can improve on faster customer-specific communication. We have already started our own measures on this. In the future, our goal is to clearly state how a possible disruption will affect the service received by the company you represent.

In an exceptional situation, you also notice how well the people of Transval are flexible and do their best to be able to serve our customers as promised.

Thank you for working together to minimize the impact of an IT disruption on production. I have also thanked our employees for doing their best and beyond in this challenging situation. For us, the customer is number one, and so is the employee.

If you are interested in reading about the IT disruption, here is a link to the news:

Best Regards,

Jukka Pyykkö
Vice President
Transval Group,  Contract logistics