The logistics company Transval is creating 500 new jobs. This is especially due to the end-of-the-year commercial seasons. The jobs are primarily located in South Finland but there will also be openings in other parts of Finland.

“At Transval, the end-of-the-year commercial seasons, such as Singles Day, Black Friday and the Christmas season, are visible as sharp spikes, when we need more employees. We are specifically looking for logistics professionals but also for people making the switch from other sectors,” says Sakari Kiiskinen, head of Transval.

According to Kiiskinen, some of Transval’s more than 500 corporate customers say that they need up to twice the number of employees for the end-of-the-year season compared to the normal work situation. Transval is in charge of the corporate customers’ logistics operations either on the customer’s own premises or on Transval’s premises.

“We are offering clean indoor work. We work in our own warehouses and manufacturing service center as well as our customers’ premises, such as terminals, production facilities, factories, warehouses and stores. When it comes to our jobs, the common denominator is moving larger and smaller goods. We need more colleagues – especially veterans of the logistics sector but also newcomers. Some of the jobs require previous experience. For some other roles, we can provide training, if necessary. In any case, you must be of age,” summarizes Kiiskinen.

Work for seasoned veterans and newcomers

The company is looking for employees for warehouse and terminal work, collecting products from warehouses, packing and shelving products at supermarkets and stores, collecting online purchases and, e.g. forklift drivers, control room workers to perform remote monitoring as well as market safety persons. In addition, the company provides logistics work on demanding industrial sites. The working hours vary from part-time to full-time and from fixed-term to permanent employment.

“New jobs will become available throughout the rest of the year, and speed is essential. Every time we find a suitable candidate, we will hire them. Now is the time to act if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job or even just a weekend gig. Click, find the open positions and send your application. You’ll do well with us if you’re motivated and have a great attitude. For us, customer is the no. 1 priority, but so are our employees.”

Transval has approximately 5,000 employees. A veteran of the logistics industry, Transval is the market leader of its sector in Finland. Earlier in the year, the company announced that it was making preparations for potential decreases in the volume of corporate customers’ production due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Kiiskinen, trying to predict the effects of the pandemic has been a real challenge both for Transval and its corporate customers.


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Transval is the Finnish market leader in logistics outsourcing. We serve approximately 500 customers in Finland and the Baltic countries on the customers’ own premises, such as warehouses, terminals, manufacturing plants and shops. We change in-house logistics’ fixed costs into variable costs and offer customers functional flexibility, better quality and significant cost savings. The company is more than 25 years old and employs nearly 5,000 people. Our services comprise supply chain solutions from transport to warehousing, in-house logistics solutions delivered at the customer’s premises and human resource services by highly-qualified logistics professionals. Our subsidiary, KV Turva, serves the commercial sector by providing remote monitoring, loss prevention management and market safety services. Transval is completely owned by Posti Group.