The global coronavirus pandemic is very likely to affect the business environment and material volumes of Transval’s customer companies. At Transval, we are preparing for potential future changes in your company’s needs.

The coronavirus epidemic may require changes in volumes or personnel needs. We are now preparing for this and conducting negotiations with our personnel. The aim is to ensure our ability to respond to your company’s needs as well as possible – either by increasing the number of personnel according to your needs or by temporarily decreasing our capacity.

As your partner, we want to adapt to your company’s needs, and we believe that we can find a solution for every situation. We believe that strong cooperation and fast responses to changes are the responsible thing to do, both for the personnel and the companies.

“In this challenging situation that affects the whole world, quick responses and preparation in advance are responsible and necessary actions in order to secure the operating conditions of our company and its personnel. Our top priority is the health and well-being of our personnel, partners and customers. I am grateful and proud of the strong commitment of our personnel and the way they are pulling together in these exceptional times,” says Harri Kämppä, Head of Transval Group.

We believe that this situation is likely to affect Transval’s business through its customers, possibly at short notice. In light of the current circumstances, Transval wants to prepare for any changes well in advance and adjust its readiness to its customer companies’ needs.

“We are facing an unprecedented situation. We are continuously monitoring its development. If one customer company has excess personnel in relation to their business levels whereas, at the same time, another customer company is short-staffed due to a large amount of sick leave, for example, we want to offer our employees opportunities to transfer between tasks, whenever this is possible in light of the customer’s needs and requirements. I promise that we will do everything within our power so that, together, we can get through this challenging period as unaffected as possible. Transval’s management is concerned about every single Transval employee, partner and customer.”

We are commencing cooperation negotiations on the possibility of offering our personnel tasks with other Transval Group customers and, as a last resort, the possibility of temporary layoffs. In the cooperation negotiations, Transval will propose that we negotiate as flexibly as possible on the use of annual leave, working hours balance and work time shortening (so-called “pekkanen”), for instance, to ensure minimum personnel impacts.