We are facing a situation where your safety and the safety of those close to you certainly is a matter of concern. Human beings and health always take precedence, and it is important to take responsibility for others, too.

We are living in turbulent times, and we must adapt our operations to the ongoing crisis. At the same time, we have a job to do. The work we all do plays an important role in ensuring the continuity of the society as a whole. One day this turbulent time is over and the choices we make now, will count.

Now more than ever, it is vital that we all follow the instructions in our company and society so that we can minimize the effect of this infectious disease. We act in accordance with official instructions, protecting the safety of our employees and customers according to these instructions. Situations change quickly, and we will react to them quickly.

Currently, we have several unusual policies in place regarding the way we work, aimed at restricting the spread of the virus. Our goal is to make sure that none of our employees contracts or spreads the virus. Supervisors have access to up-to-date instructions and they will support you.

We communicate to our customers, for example, via our website: https://www.transval.fi/en/corona/  as well as through Transval on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please follow these as much as possible and use them to share information with your team/friends, customers. Now more than ever, we need everyone’s help to share information with our customers and partners.

With Finland entering a state of emergency, we are facing an uncertain future. The worldwide coronavirus epidemic touches all of us, and we all have a responsibility to act responsibly. We will communicate immediately once the effects of the Emergency Powers Act on us and our operations become even partly clear. We will keep an eye on the development and update our operating instructions according to the situation.

Let’s take care of ourselves and those close to us. Let’s stay calm and persevere. Now it is more certain than ever that we should work together towards a common goal. Human beings and health always take the precedence. Despite this highly unusual situation, we must do everything we can to keep our operations running and continue to serve our customers. If we do the right things in a correct way, we may be in a much stronger position after this crisis than we are now!


Best regards,



Harri Kämppä
Director, Transval Group