Transval, the market leader in Finnish third-party logistics, is continuously probing the future. All its employees are trained in Lean Six Sigma methodologies with the aim of minimising all unnecessary phases in its customers’ logistics processes.

The slogan of Transval’s 4,300 employees is continuous improvement. To this end, the company has harnessed the Lean Six Sigma methodology and analytics. Transval aims to develop its operations continuously and systematically for the benefit of its customers. The company implements mathematical statistics as part of its day-to-day management and uses these methods in the proactive development of its operations. This is a big step towards true knowledge-based management.

“Logistics processes generate a huge amount of data, and to take advantage of it, the company must have the necessary procedures in place. Our staff puts the logistics expertise and lessons learned over several decades into practice every day, implementing them directly into our customers’ production and logistics processes,” says Kaj Nurminen, Transval’s Business Director of In-House Logistics.

Tailored solutions

Lean Six Sigma methods enable finding development areas that the human eye might not catch. The lean philosophy improves the flow, transparency, quality and occupational safety of logistics. Transval’s operating model helps to create special flexibility and to develop processes proactively. Utilising the company’s extensive selection of logistics solutions, each customer of Transval gets a tailored solution that optimally meets their needs. “We ensure our expertise by training our logistics professionals in our own Transval Academy. The company culture encourages our staff to develop their skills, to learn and to share their expertise with others. In this way, our customers always have a true professional of logistics to assist them,” Nurminen illustrates.

Reduces costs up to 10%

Lean Six Sigma fundamentally strengthens enterprise resource planning for in-house logistics. Transval has more than 500 customers who have outsourced their logistics either entirely or partially. “We work in our customers’ own premises, such as manufacturing units, warehouses, terminals and shops and in our own warehouses. All changes, even small ones, benefit the customer, and we can reduce the costs of a company’s logistics functions by up to ten per cent.” Kaj Nurminen emphasises that in logistics every second matters and offers an opportunity to polish up the functions. After all, doing well in the market requires doing things in a transparent way and improving one’s performance continuously.


  • Provides services to around 500 customers in its customers’ own warehouses, terminals, manufacturing units and shops. Provides 300,000 square metres of secure storage space and also offers storage of dangerous substances.
  • Has operated for 25 years and employs around 4,300 people.
  • Offers supply chain solutions from transport to storage as well as in-house logistics solutions in the customers’ own premises and staff leasing services for skilled workers.
  • Operates across Finland and is based in Helsinki.
  • Transforms its customers’ fixed in-house logistics costs into variable costs.
  • The market leader in outsourced logistics in Finland.
  • Fulfills its promises.