“As the old saying goes, companies should focus on what they do best. This is why outsourcing one sub-process – such as in-house logistics – to an accomplished company might be a good idea,” says Risto Vilo, Director of Strategic Growth and Customers at Transval Oy.

He has extensive experience to back up his case: the company he represents offers in-house logistics services for industries such as manufacturing, warehouses, terminals and shops as well as storage services, customer-specific transport services and staff leasing for logistics functions.

“In manufacturing, for example, businesses often have manufacturing efficiency and product quality as their top priority. They view logistics as a necessary evil and can’t make the most of its potential. In recent years, however, they have started to pay attention to the functionality of in-house logistics, too– and this is where we can help.” “We can reduce the costs of a company’s logistics functions by up to10% – we are a pioneer in the in-house logistics industry.”

Daily lean expertise

Transval’s almost 100 Lean Six Sigma experts and company-trained staff introduce lean principles and methods to the customer’s premises. Customers have noticed the difference efficient logistics can make.

“In our in-house logistics services, we bring the required material handling equipment and professional logistics employees to the customer’s own premises. Our core competencies include transporting the goods to production at the right time and making sure that the goods move efficiently in the production chain or in the warehouse. We also pack and deliver the goods.”

Transval also offers storage services with an extensive range of additional services for a wide customer base of businesses operating in Finland– we have 300,000 square metres of secure storage space. For transporting goods from the harbour or between offices, for example, we use customer-specific transport solutions.

The company’s offering includes various logistics functions for shops. For example, we shelve products in 1,250 shops. Our third service consists of leasing professional staff for logistics functions. Transval receives almost 20,000 job applications every year.

“Our customers represent all kinds of businesses ranging from large multinational companies to small online shops and family businesses. Companies that trust their in-house logistics in our hands include wholesalers, engineering workshops and process industry companies.”

Trust is based on transparency

Our customer promise is based on continuously developing and measuring our operations with methods that are directly visible to our customers, too. We also aim at efficiency and agility, which in turn generate cost savings to our customers,” says Vilo.

Transval reduces its customers’ risks. The number of staff assigned to each customer adapts to seasonal fluctuations– the solution is flexibility. “When leasing staff for logistics tasks, we charge our customers per hour. Otherwise, we charge per task, i.e. a certain amount for each completed task. Our customers select the services they need and pay a fixed price per task. Task-based invoicing also improves operational efficiency, as we can charge for each task according to the customer’s volumes. This helps to avoid surprises.”


  • Provides services to around 500 customers in Finland and the Baltic states in its customers’ own premises, such as warehouses, terminals, manufacturing units and shops.
  • Has operated for 25 years and employs around 4,300 people.
  • The company’s services cover supply chain solutions from transport to storage as well as in-house logistics solutions in the customers’ own premises and staff leasing services for skilled workers.
  • Operates across Finland and is based in Helsinki.
  • Transforms its customers’ fixed in-house logistics costs into variable costs.
  • The market leader in outsourced logistics in Finland
  • Fulfills its promises