Established in the 1960s, INPRO is a global network of companies specializing in export and industrial packaging. Most of INPRO’s members are family businesses with long traditions in the packaging sector. The 25 member companies currently have globally a total of 1000 packaging wrappers and over 600,000 square meters of packaging space. To become a member requires the company to be financial stable and to meet a tight quality framework.

As a member of INPRO Transval is proud to host this yearly meeting in Helsinki. 28 attendees from 15 countries and 15 companies gathers together to change information and latest innovations of industrial packaging.

Besides the official meeting, the three-day conference includes also visit to Transval Hyvinkää Industrial Service Center and Tampere sites. When this many passionate packers meet, long discussions will take place about responding to future customer challenges in a constantly changing business environment.

Pekka Paavilainen is the representative of INPRO at Transval, and he works on packaging innovations and sales.

“INPRO is a unique platform to provide an insight into the latest innovations and trends in the industry. I have received professional friends on almost all of the continents who, if necessary, advise us on the application of local rules and standards. If needed, they will provide local service for our customers, for example for unloading or checks. In global packaging projects, we are able to provide service through the entire network. ” says Pekka Paavilainen.

All the INPRO friends, welcome to Finland, the happiest country in the world, especially after the Ice Hockey World Championship 2019. (Sorry, Canadian attendees.)