In-house logistics companies Flexo and Transval are set to integration on April 1, 2019. After Flexo’s integration, Finland’s largest in-house logistics company Transval will have more than 4,600 logistics professionals, offering you the market’s largest range of services. Transval is a subsidiary owned by Posti.

The integration does not require any action from the customer. The integration has no effect on customers’ current contracts or services. Flexo’s current customers will become Transval’s customers after the integration, and services will continue as before. Contact persons will also remain the same.

“The synergies reached with the integration will benefit customers in both companies. Our customers will have access to 4,600 logistics professionals in Finland and the Baltic countries. Together with Posti, Transval offers customers a unique and comprehensive range of logistics outsourcing solutions, such as transport, warehousing, in-house logistics at the customer’s premises and the flexible use of professionals,” explains Harri Kämppä, Vice President, Logistics Outsourcing Solutions, Posti.

Contact and invoicing details for Flexo’s customers from April 1 onward:

Customer Service telephone: +358 (0)100 84135 (Monday to Friday 8AM–4PM)
Customer service email:

Contact persons’ email addresses will change:

Information on Transval

Transval is a respected, customer-oriented and extremely strong name in the in-house logistics market. The company has more than 25 years of experience in improving customer companies’ operational efficiency and implementing different outsourcing solutions at logistics and manufacturing sites.

After April 1, the company, owned by Posti and independently operated, will have 4,600 logistics professionals serving customers extensively in enhancing the material flows in warehouses, terminals and manufacturing, efficient personnel resourcing and shelving services at shops.

Transval changes in-house logistics’ fixed costs into variable costs and offers customers functional flexibility, better quality and significant cost savings. Together with Posti, the companies will offer customers the market’s largest and a uniquely extensive range of outsourced logistics services. Services now comprise supply chain solutions from transport to warehousing, in-house logistics solutions delivered on the customer’s premises and the flexible use of highly-qualified professionals.

For further information, please contact:
Janne Kylmäoja (, tel. +358 (0)40 507 4743) and
Kai Kankaala (, tel. +358 (0)40 673 7993)