Digitalization and technological advances are significantly changing the structures of our society. The potential they offer should be fully exploited. If we wish to succeed in the tough global competition, we need to be innovative and have the courage to let go of the old and familiar.

The fact of the matter is that Finns have always succeeded due to courage and shared vision. As an example, it is noteworthy to mention the big civic meeting held in the church of Suomussalmi one hundred years ago in April. As a result of this meeting, Finland’s independence was demanded, presumably for the first time. Our nation was born out of Finnish people’s own will and hard work. Despite the difficult times, Finns have built their own nation and decided collectively on issues for the last hundred years.

I am delighted to reflect on the 100-year-long journey of Finland. In the business field, our numerous success stories expand one hundred years and beyond. A great example would be Paulig, a company familiar to all of us who drink coffee. This is a brand that has persevered in Finnish coffee mugs ever since the time before the events in Suomussalmi. A brand that has meritoriously developed its products and services as the world around it has kept on changing.

In the field of logistics, progress has been achieved on a broad scale. The word ‘logistics’ originates from before the events in Suomussalmi, as the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires had officers named logistikas (GR), who were responsible for financial and logistical affairs. The changes in logistics have been immense in the 20th century. Those of us born in the 1970s have experienced the changes brought by technological advances. We have witnessed how paper has been replaced by signal or voice picking in warehouse processes, faxing has turned into electronic data transfer and robots have partially replaced human employees.

Nowadays, logistics is considered to be one of the most important functions of companies, as good logistics can lead to considerable savings and give the company a competitive advantage. On average, logistical costs account for 11.5% of the sales of Finnish companies and 17% of the gross domestic product. Approximately half of this consists of warehouse costs and capital costs related to warehousing. By continuously developing logistics, companies have a better chance to succeed. We at Transval constantly aim to find new ways to shape our logistical efficiency with our clients’ best interest in mind. We actively search and utilize the best methods and practices in the field.

Keeping Finland on the path of developmental growth requires courage on the part of decision makers as well as logistical experts. We need new means and ambitious ideas. Innovation is achieved through interaction and dialogue. Innovators do not necessarily receive praise in their own time, but the vision of tomorrow still carries us forward. By constantly improving the logistical chain, we at Transval want to contribute to a better future together with our clients.

Now, we Finns will take our nation to the new century with lasting perseverance and big hearts, and we must do it together. In the field of logistics, Transval will take on the responsibility for pushing our industry forward. We will commence an open dialogue concerning the development of logistics and we invite our clients, business partners and all operators in the field to join the conversation.

Let’s embrace the next hundred years and any new adventures the future may bring – together. With these thoughts, I wish you all a sunny spring!

Kai Kankaala

Sales and Marketing Director