Viessmann Refrigeration Systems Oy and Transval Teollisuuspalvelut Vindea Oy have signed an agreement on the outsourcing of packaging operations. In conjunction with the renewal and reorganization of the packaging operations at Viessmann’s Porvoo plant, seven employees of Viessmann Refrigeration Systems Oy will be transferred to Transval as old employees as of 16 March 2017.

The goal is to increase the flexibility of Viessmann’s packaging operations in relation to delivery volumes and to improve cost efficiency and delivery time.

After the cooperation agreement, Transval will act as a strategic partner for Viessmann and be in charge of packaging the products and developing the packaging operations. Transval delivers versatile internal logistics services tailored to the customer’s needs. With this agreement, Transval takes responsibility for Viessmann’s packaging operations and their development.

“We trust Transval’s expertise when it comes to providing packaging services and developing them. Our employees who will be transferred to Transval will continue as part of our service package, and the transferred personnel will have excellent opportunities for developing their expertise and skills with Transval’s packaging professionals”, concludes Production Director Arto Salonen from Viessmann.


Viessmann Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat, industrial and refrigeration systems. A family company, it was founded in 1917 and currently employs approximately 11,600 persons. The group’s annual turnover is 2.2 billion euros. Viessmann is an international company with 22 production facilities in 11 countries, sales companies in 74 countries and 120 retailers around the world.


Additional information:
Production Manager Arto Salonen
tel. +358 50 596 7216 – 16.3. from 17.00 to 17.30 / 17.3. from 11.00 to 11.30

Project Manager Pekka Paavilainen
tel. +358 400 767 561