As the first company in the world, Transval is involved in the deployment of a technology that utilizes a learning artificial intelligence in the validation of loading and cargo securing practices. The learning artificial intelligence will further increase cargo safety during transport and improve the chances of the cargo getting to its destination unharmed.

First and foremost, the service and the new technology are intended to bring benefits to the owner of the cargo, but everybody benefits from the improved safety. Without unpleasant surprises, projects are completed on time, nature is protected, money is saved and the Finnish industry gains some much needed competitiveness.

During 2017, the service’s availability will be expanded and new customers will join the service. Simultaneously, the service will be optimized for new types of cargo, for which Transval actively seeks interested export companies.

“Transval aims to create even better and more comprehensive value-added services for its customers. It is important that we stay on the cutting edge of development and constantly bring new services to the market. We are excited to be the first in the world to bring this advanced technology, developed in Finland, to our customers”, says Janne Tossavainen, project manager at Transval.

The technology will be introduced in collaboration with Conexbird Oy, a Finnish company. “Conexbird has patented this technology and developed it for several years. It’s really great that Transval responded to our ideas in such a positive way, and through them we can find excellent applications for our technology. Our collaboration has been extremely smooth”, describes Conexbird Oy’s CEO, Teuvo Heikkilä.

Transval will inspect loads using Conexbird’s mobile app, which evaluates the quality and adequacy of load securing, as well as a device based on vibration technology. The device uses vibrations to assess how tightly the cargo is secured and also observes changes such as cargo movements or the loosening of a securing chain.

More information:

Project Manager Pekka Paavilainen
tel. +358 400 767 561